1. What did you learn about creating an original work and how you go about registering it? Creating an original work and registering it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Looking throughout history people always do something wrong and don’t understand copyrighting so I assumed it was extremely hard. Reading the book and copyright laws really made it easy to understand and do.
  2. Will this change how you create in the future? Why or why not? I don’t think it will change the way I create but it will give me more confidence to upload my stuff. I never felt comfortable uploading stuff because I’m afraid someone will take my work and never pay me for it. To continue but the creativeness wont change because of it.
  3. After completing this assignment, does the process of registering a work seem easier or more daunting than you had previously perceived? Previously said in question 1, I always thought copyright was a very hard thing to do and the average person wouldn’t be able to do it with a lot of practice/teaching.

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