My Love (Derivative Assignment)

My LoveI hopea great daycomes to visitand will stayThough you are sad,get up,don’t dwell in the past, keep your head up. Open the door,see the Light, you have the strength,to make it through the night.We’re wishing you the best.So, take the chance, feed your knowledge,eat it like candy. Though now dead,breath again.Though now thin,use what is with-in,Though now faded,stand tall. Unhook […]


What did you learn about creating an original work and how you go about registering it? Creating an original work and registering it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Looking throughout history people always do something wrong and don’t understand copyrighting so I assumed it was extremely hard. Reading the book and copyright laws really […]

Employees and Independent Contractors- Tay Covington

Employees and Independent Contractors An example of employees and independent contractors all in one would be the musicians in the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra (LSO). In the article, it states that the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra puts on an average of four music concerts each season where the musicians sign an agreement that states they are independent […]