Self Portrait Project

This is Your Brain
This is your brain on drugs.
  • What did you learn about creating an original work and how you go about registering it?
    • It is not easy to replicate a photo, unless you are good at it. A duplicate work will never be the same as the original. This can be related to songwriting, someone would have to try very hard to make a piece sound the exact same as another one. You can easily take features or certain aspects of a work; but it is very obvious when someone copies something “word for word”.
    • I registered it through the copyright website, both works under a Visual Art form.
  • Will this change how you create in the future? Why or why not?
    • I will not draw anymore self portraits.
    • Also, this allowed me to see the necessary precaution artist take when writing music. It is worth registering something that is original and unique, it will prevent people from taking your ideas and allows an artist to get all of the credit they deserve.
  • After completing this assignment, does the process of registering a work seem easier or more daunting than you had previously perceived?
    • It seems easier then I thought It would be, the process is just like filling out paperwork. The hardest part is deciding what to register it as and defining the art itself.

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